The Nature of Phenology: White suckers

by Joseph Horn

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Machias alum awarded prestigious defense medal for exceptional service

by Celia Cummiskey

Machias Memorial High School graduate Martin Holmes was recently awarded the Office of the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Civil Service. Holmes, who works as a Space Policy Analyst within the Department of Defense, says he was completely surprised by the announcement that he was to receive the highest honorary award for career civilian employees given by the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

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Proposed Jonesport fish farmers, Kingfish Maine, share building plans

by Nancy Beal

Principals in Kingfish Maine, a Dutch company that proposes to build a $100 million land-based fish farm in Jonesport on Chandler Bay, were in town last week to hold an informational meeting, a requirement on their quest for three permits needed to build and operate the facility they hope to create. They brought with them architectural renderings of what the plant and associated outbuildings would look like—from the ground and from the air.

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Corrections commissioner Liberty meets daily with CDC, inmate shots this week

by Ruth Leubecker

Eight positive cases of Covid at the Maine State Prison recently nudged the Department of Corrections back to the forefront of questioning coronavirus preparedness.

“Everyone’s wearing masks. We continue to have excessive hygiene. We’ve stayed the course,” says Department of Corrections Comm. Randy Liberty. “When employees come in we do a temperature check, and everyone’s wearing masks 24/7.”

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Miss Bartlett: East Machias art teacher

by Praise Moore

Lisa Bartlett is the art teacher of Elm Street Elementary School in East Machias. When asked how she started teaching, she answered: “For a job I feel I was destined to do — I love it so much, I really do — I didn’t start until I was forty.” After she and her husband moved from Wales

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Library’s chest highlights Machias naval history

by Sarah Craighead Dedmon

For the second time in 124 years, a camphor wood chest has been delivered to Porter Memorial Library in Machias. The crate arrived first in 1897, delivered with great pomp and circumstance by U.S.S. Machias Commander Charles Train, who was entertained by local officials and the governor of Maine, Llewellyn Powers.

Last month the chest was delivered again, this time more quietly, by Kathleen Garcelon of Machiasport, who lovingly restored the piece over the course of a year.

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The border closure: one year later and no plans for reopening

by Jayna Smith

March 20 marked one year since the closure of the U.S./Canada border in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19, and the order has been extended every month since. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested in a news conference last week a reopening date is not in sight.

“We’re all eager to be able to travel again, but I think we’re all going to wait patiently until such time as the health situation allows us to loosen border restrictions internationally. That’ll be eventually, but not for today,” Trudeau said.

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Charts and tables across my desk

by Jonathan Reisman


I get quite a bit of information and political agitprop across my desk.

Pictures speak a 1000 words

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Public meeting will present options for reworking the Machias dike

by Sarah Craighead Dedmon

There are nearly 20 ways to engineer a reconstruction of the Machias dike, and the Maine Department of Transportation will present all of them via an online public hearing, available beginning March 29.

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The Nature of Phenology: Turkey vultures

by Hazel Stark

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