Road flood fixed and other Jonesport news

by Nancy Beal

Jonesport selectmen had two in-person meetings last fall before going back to the Zoom format on November 18 and will continue to meet remotely through the month of January. Among the issues they have been dealing with is flooding at the Josh Woodward Brook on Route 187 just south of the Sandy River Beach District. Route 187 is a state aid road, and therefore the responsibility of the state.

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Could Maine’s iconic crops be outpaced by cannabis?

by Ruth Leubecker

Traditionally, pridefully recognized as the home of wild blueberries and potatoes, as agricultural crops go, cannabis is now a contender vying for economic first place.

Adverse weather conditions and the pandemic managed to plague both blueberries and potatoes this season. Less demand from China and an uneven playing field with Canada, crippled wild blueberries even further.

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Two local hospitals among first slated to receive Moderna vaccine

by Sarah Craighead Dedmon and Jayna Smith


Two Washington County hospitals will receive their first distributions of the coronavirus vaccine this week.

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You’ve got mail

One of the pleasures (and some of the pain) of punditry is the feedback I get from readers near and far. Here is a sampling from 2020, anonymized when it was an e-mail direct to me, as I do not have permission to share their identities.

“Biden Crime Family” triggers responses

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An interview with old St. Nick

by Wayne Smith

My yearly interview with Santa Claus on Christmas week.     

The phone was busy — it took me a few times — but I got through to Santa Claus at the North Pole. One of the elves answered and told me that Santa was running on his treadmill, getting ready for his journey to the rest of the world on Christmas Eve as he delivers all the presents. Santa wanted to be in shape. The elves told me that Santa was listening to Christmas music on his iPod, wearing his red sweatpants and sweatshirt. As I waited, Santa called me back.

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The Nature of Phenology: Needle ice

by Joseph Horn

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Martha Jane Foster

November 12, 1936 - December 12, 2020


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Winter sports season late, but still coming

by Sarah Craighead Dedmon

High school basketball is the reigning monarch of the Downeast sports year, so it’s no wonder parents and athletes have been eagerly watching to see how — or if — this season will proceed, in light of the coronavirus pandemic. On Friday, Dec. 4, the Maine Principals Association (MPA) revised its November guidance and pushed out the start of team basketball practices from Dec. 14 to Jan. 4, but left “skills and drills” on the calendar to begin Dec. 7. Local schools are planning accordingly.

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‘Brutal honesty’ required to boost Maine’s economy

by Ruth Leubecker

Focusing on long-term growth and pervasive action, Maine’s annual Measures of Growth report signals ambitious goals for 2021.

For landmark developments to take root, Yellow Light Breen, president and CEO of the Maine Development Foundation, says “brutal honesty and unquenchable optimism” will be required if necessary results are to be achieved. By law, the MDF is the staff of the growth council.

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Cherryfield keeps holiday spirit alive for children

by Natalie Boomer

A Holiday Cheer Scavenger Hunt has begun in Cherryfield!

All school aged children of the area are invited to grab a list from Mathew’s Store, the Cherryfield Library, or from the bulletin board at the post office, and start hunting.

The list includes 16 questions to answer. Some of the questions asked are, “What is the number of the mailbox that is decorated in lights?”, “Where can you find a light up flag pole?”, and “Where is the memorial tree for our loved ones' past?”.

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