Whitneyville Public Library delivers comfort with community suppers

by Natalie Boomer

The Whitneyville Public Library has decided to host another public supper on Saturday, Oct. 3, after a successful supper on Sept. 4.

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Homelessness a hidden reality in Washington County

by Ruth Leubecker

Besieged by a shortage of resources, the hovering presence of COVID-19 and approaching cold weather, rural homelessness remains dangerously entrenched.

Several new surveys show urgent challenges in helping the homeless during the pandemic. The massive human and financial impacts of living without reliable shelter are far-reaching, affecting many others in the process of just getting by.

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Looking back at Cutler Navy basketball: 55 points and the evolution of a knucklehead

by Dan Ryan

I was lucky enough to spend four years in the U.S. Navy, from, 1977-81.  Two of those years were spent at the Cutler Navy Base, and last month I was lucky enough to visit Machias and Cutler again after 40 years away.

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Systemic racism racket gets Trumped

by Jonathan Reisman


The Systemic Racism Industry has had its sweet multimillion consulting racket exposed and trumped. The President has used his “pen and phone” to order the critical race theory hustle out of the federal bureaucracy. The shrieks and howls from the incredibly undiverse set of pricey diversity “consultants” kicked off the taxpayer dime can be heard in HR departments and Democratic covens across the country.

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Downeast Community Partners hosts virtual auction to help elderly

by Natalie Boomer

For the past seven years, Downeast Community Partners has hosted a tennis round robin to raise money for the At Home program, a nonprofit that provides services to the elderly to help them continue living in their own homes.

“Every year the At Home program has a tennis round-robin at the Blue Hill Country Club. This year COVID rained on our parade and we could not have it,” said Rose Honders, Director of At Home elder services at Downeast Community Partners.

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Keeping an old memory alive

by Wayne Smith

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Whitneyville Library News

Mark your calendars for the next public supper that will be held on October 3 at 5 p.m. at the Hillgrove Community Building in Whitneyville.  It will be a New England boiled dinner with corned beef and ham, rolls, biscuits, homemade cakes and pies. We still have limited eat-in seating of 50 people, but you can also call to reserve a takeout dinner by calling the library at 255-8077 Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Reservations for takeout dinners will be taken until Friday, Oct. 2 at 4 p.m.

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Landowner appreciation day cleans up to give back

by Sarah Craighead Dedmon

As a show of gratitude for allowing outdoor recreation on private lands, dozens of Mainers fanned out to clean up the woods last weekend on Landowner Appreciation Day, a years-long tradition coordinated by the Maine Warden Service.

Corporal Rick LaFlamme, landowner relations manager for the warden service, says 94 percent of Maine’s land is privately owned.

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The Nature of Phenology: Yellow Jackets

by Hazel Stark

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Union 103 schools to open Sept 14; sports in doubt

by Nancy Beal

At three separate meetings and by unanimous votes on September 2, the school boards governing Jonesport-Beals High School, Jonesport Elementary and Beals Elementary Schools — the three schools that comprise Union 103 — voted to move up a previously set opening date of Sept. 28 to Sept. 14. The votes followed the specter of students going to school into next July after Superintendent Lewis Collins told them that the Maine Department of Education (DOE) would grant no waivers from the 175-school day mandate until January.

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