Milbridge Theatre groundbreaking signals bright future for town, arts

by Ruth Leubecker

Years of fundraising and creative community events resulted in Monday’s milestone groundbreaking of the upcoming Milbridge Theatre and Community Arts Center.

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Restoration moves ahead on Machiasport’s Liberty Hall

by Sarah Craighead Dedmon

Port Road drivers have enjoyed the renewed beauty of historic Liberty Hall since 2009, when a $1.1 millon exterior restoration project was completed on the former Machiasport town hall. Now another project is underway, this time out of drivers’ sight.

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Joint tech school up and running in Columbia

by Nancy Beal

Career technical education (CTE) has existed in coastal Washington County for years. Many law enforcement personnel in the Sunrise County and beyond began their training in the criminal justice program at Narraguagus High School. In the late 1990s, the building trades teacher at Machias Memorial High School took his class to Florida to help clean up and rebuild after a hurricane. Next week, the culinary arts students at MMHS will offer home-cooked (bagged) lunches to benefit a summer camp for teens (see details below).

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Kitten season is anything but cute for animal shelters

What may sound cute to the general public causes a shudder every year among animal shelter staff across the country.  

“Kitten Season,” as it’s known in the animal welfare field, starts each spring and lasts through fall. Like the term implies, it’s the time of year when un-spayed female cats have most of their litters and animal shelters are inundated by orphaned kittens who need intensive care.  

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Random observations

by Jonathan Reisman


• The ice went out on Cathance Lake on April 1st, two to three weeks before “normal”. Clearly, a sign of the climate change apocalypse that Governor Mills and her fellow climate alarmists have been mewling about and demanding we stop using fossil fuels (only the basis of our civilization). The carbon warming apocalypse has so far meant earlier planting times, a longer growing season, record crop outputs (carbon dioxide is also known as plant food) and steady employment for climate alarmists. It must be stopped.

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Gravedigger Hall

by Wayne Smith

With over 50 years of digging graves, 76-year-old Everard Hall of Milbridge has dug over 2,500 graves. He has a gravedigger's scrapbook with obituaries and photos. Hall tells his story to me in his own words. He grew up poor as he quit school to take care of his family. Hall has a special tool that helps him dig graves. He calls it Everard, after his first name.

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Pembroke historian keeps sea chanties alive Downeast

by Praise Moore

Stephen Sanfilippoand his wife have been singing sea chanties since their early twenties. Now, Sanfilippo will be 73 in September. As he pulled out his banjo, guitar, and a whole bag filled with books and papers on sea chanties, anyone could see how passionate he was on the subject.

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Former UMM professor named new MIE Superintendent

The former University of Maine at Machias Chemistry Professor and Machias resident, Dr. Reza Namin Named New Superintendent of Maine Indian Education. Maine Indian Education serving Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Wabanaki Nations and has three schools Indian Island School, Indian Township School, and the current Beatrice Rafferty School under new school construction to be named Sipayik Elementary School.

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The Nature of Phenology: Dandelions

by Hazel Stark

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Canceled due to COVID-19: Machias Wild Blueberry Festival 2021

by Sarah Craighead Dedmon

The Machias Wild Blueberry Festival will not happen for the second year in a row due to the COVID-19 pandemic, festival organizers announced today, April 9.

“It was a hard decision. We really just did not see how we could safely put on a festival,” said festival committee chair Ellen Farnsworth, pointing to festival events that take place in close quarters, like the blueberry musical. “That couldn’t have happened. Even the vendors, how could we guarantee that we were keeping our vendors safe? There were just too many things.”

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