With climate policy central to the incoming presidential administration, Maine can expect more federal support to implement its new Climate Action Plan

by Marina Schauffler

Editor’s Note: This article is reprinted with permission of the Maine Monitor. The Maine Climate Council is submitting its Climate Action Plan to the Legislature on Dec. 1. Topics related to the plan have been covered this fall in a Maine Monitor series of columns called Sea Change.

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Giving thanks

Thanksgiving this year was unique and I hope it will not be the new normal, but the tradition of acknowledging my blessings and expressing gratitude remains.


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The Nature of Phenology: Red vs. gray foxes

by Hazel Stark

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Targeting free speech

by Jonathan Reisman

Ending freedom of speech is on the agenda for the Harris-Biden crime family, the Democratic Party and the left.  Joined by Big Tech, the legacy media and the League of Women Voters, our progressive betters will continue their hypocrisy of wailing about evil corporate political spending and dark money even while extensively utilizing them in Maine, Georgia and across the nation. If they are successful in gaining control of the Senate, freedom of speech will be severely curtailed.

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To protect land access, wardens urge ethical hunting practices

by Sarah Craighead Dedmon

Tanya Millay was alarmed last week when she left to drive her daughter to school. There, crawling slowly past her Machiasport neighborhood, was a line of hunters in their trucks, all watching a buck on someone’s lawn. Some of the hunters had scopes and shotguns with them, and one had a bow and arrow.

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UMM steps up to offer COVID testing on campus

by Ruth Leubecker

Because COVID testing in Calais was too far away for many trying to hold down a job in the Machias area, the University of Maine at Machias (UMM) has stepped up to the plate to offer the service.

“I am really glad that UMM will be able to provide this much-needed service to the community,” Daniel Qualls, head of campus, said last week.

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High COVID-19 case count keeps Moosabec schools remote

by Nancy Beal

Jonesport’s number of positive Covid-19 cases reached the Maine Center for Disease and Prevention’s (MECDC) second category of case numbers within a zip code at the beginning of the week of November 9, and school nurse Holly Swillo confirmed that there was community spread in the Moosabec area. (The MECDC defines community transmission as existing when the are at least 10 confirmed cases and that at least 25 percent of those cases are not connected to either known cases or travel.)

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Sign offers reminder that cornerstone American principles still persist

by Jayna Smith

In a time of great political divide and amidst a pandemic, when we are told to keep six feet apart, the distance between Americans, metaphorically speaking, has become miles longer. Tensions are high and fear has intensified. But for one Calais couple, a simple yard sign gives a much-needed reminder that compassion and cornerstones of American life are still in existence.  

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Volunteers needed to set up inflatable Christmas village

by Natalie Boomer

Kickoff the holiday season by lending a helping hand and setting up Danny’s Inflatable Christmas Village in Machias.

“This is the project's third year and it has grown larger and larger,” said Sharon Mack, previous executive director of the village.

Mack is looking for 10 to 12 volunteers to attach the blowup decorations to the fence and pallets by the boxcars in downtown Machias on Saturday, November 28th.

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Border to remain closed for at least another month

by Jayna Smith

As many likely expected, travel restrictions between Canada and the United States have been extended until Dec. 21 in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted, “We’ve extended the current border measures by another 30 days.  Non-essential travel between our two countries remains restricted until at least Dec. 21.”  

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