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by Jonathan Reisman


Driving into work the day after Joe Biden’s inauguration, I noticed that most of the Trump banners and flags, which had been stubbornly flying for more than 10 weeks since the election that shall not be questioned, were finally taken down. I wondered whether the President’s and the sycophantic media calls for unity were working, but then I noticed a prominently displayed upside down Stars and Stripes, symbol of dire distress. Calling for unity while simultaneously implying that 75 million Trump voters were white supremacist science-denying systemically racist bigots in need of “deprogramming” and “re-education” could conceivably have that effect. Add to that a bunch of executive orders promoting critical race theory,  racial quotas, the systemic racism/America sucks narrative, virtue-signaling climate alarmism,  and  pledges to reinstitute Obama era foreign policies favoring Iran and penalizing Israel, and an initial press conference where the “journalists” signaled their new alliance in the Ministry of Truth with a probing query on whether President Biden planned to change the colors on Air Force One (I think we can expect a rainbow flag on the nose representing a face mask.) If you think the legacy media will ever ask Jen Psaki about the investigation into Hunter Biden, I have some certified election results from Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania for you to process. Moreover, if such a question is asked by Steve Doucy of Fox News, the answer will be that such outrageous rumors are just QAnon and social media conspiracy theories.

When the Democrats say “Unity”, I hear “Shut up and obey.” It’s hard to draw any other conclusion after the military occupation of DC for the inauguration, the background checks on national guardsmen (because they are white males) and the calls from AOC et al for deprogramming, reeducation camps and punishment for Trump supporters, a 1/6 Commission, and censorship and deplatforming of conservatives (strange how four years ago “dissent is patriotic” has morphed into dissent is seditious). Once again, HR1, the top Democratic legislative priority, calls for eviscerating free speech and the First Amendment (under the guise of campaign finance reform), with the added bonus this time of permanently adopting the mail order voting schemes the 9/11 Commission specifically warned against but, having now enabled the eviction of the evil Trump monster, must be permanently enshrined to assure Democratic victories forevermore.

So far, President Biden has done nothing to assuage my fears of leftist tyranny and stupidity. Rejoining the Paris agreement will damage the American economy by raising energy costs, making us less competitive with China and redistributing American taxpayer dollars to our competitors and enemies, all while doing precisely nothing to avert the supposedly apocalyptic threat of climate change. On top of that, the Paris agreement is an attack on the supposed hallowed principles of democracy, since it has never been ratified, as the Constitution requires of “Treaties”. Senators King and Collins have both violated their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution by not insisting the Paris agreement receive a Senate vote. The same goes for the Iran nuclear appeasement “agreement”. The Paris and Iran “agreements” are clearly international agreements requiring Senate ratification, despite the weasel words of President Obama, Secretary Kerry and the Deep State.  Such weaseling may win the day, the week and even an election or two, but it will destroy the Republic as more and more Americans recognize the rot and lose trust in our institutions and elected weasels (and deservedly so IMO). I should actually apologize at this point to weasels for comparing them to President Obama, Secretary Kerry and US Senators.

The reinstatement of Critical Race Theory and the Systemic racism hustlers, coupled with the dissolution of the 1776 Project means that the narrative that America was founded on racism and not liberty will continue to poison the country for the next 4 years, and perhaps until it tears the country apart. Race relations in America started deteriorating after President Obama was elected because of the ascendance of the critical race theory/systemic racism hustle. The 14th Amendment guarantees “Equal Protection” of the law, not racial “equity”. The goal of the left is not equal protection, but racial preferences (i.e. discrimination against whites and Asians), white guilt and reparations. I believe the critical race theory/implicit bias/white privilege indoctrination/trainings are creating a hostile work environment, and should be challenged in court for doing so.

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