Thank You, Biden, for Placing the World on Tenterhooks

by Jonathan Reisman

Among President Biden’s first actions upon taking office was a set of executive orders, decisions and appointments keeping his campaign promises to cancel and reverse President Trump’s foreign and domestic policy, including his mean social media postings. Let’s see how that has worked out:

The southern border was opened and remains open, despite the belated wailing of blue sanctuary cities. Gov. Mills wants to welcome 75,000 illegal immigrants to Maine with taxpayer financed housing, food and medical care.

We surrendered in Afghanistan, leaving a treasure trove of weapons for those who openly hate us while abandoning those who helped us. Putin, Xi and the Ayatollahs watched and drew the obvious conclusion about American resolve and Biden’s weakness.

Iran’s nuclear ambitions and terrorist aggressions were appeased to the tune of $60 Billion plus in sanctions relief, $6 Billion in hostage ransoms and treasonous dishonesty about their repeatedly stated intention to destroy Israel and America,

Climate change and white supremacy replaced Islamic terrorism as the greatest identified strategic threats to America. Our woke military leadership followed orders and focused on the threat of systemic racism and domestic extremism in the ranks. Our enemies took note of American strategic doctrine and prepared accordingly.

Biden and the left’s climate alarmist “War on Fossil Fuels” aborted American energy independence, driving the price of energy up while adding to the coffers of our noted friends Russia, Iran, Venezuela and OPEC. Biden drained the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to temporarily forestall the political consequences of expensive gas. With only 17 days supply remaining, we may be facing a very cold winter if the Middle East erupts into a multinational regional conflict.

The fruits of Biden’s policies were harvested in Israel and Gaza on Oct 7. It was the Sabbath following Sukkot, the Jewish fall harvest festival roughly akin to Thanksgiving and an Israeli Holiday weekend. It was also one day after the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, and the greatest American and Israeli intelligence failure since then, although given the hostile anti- Israel/Netanyahu record of the Biden/Obama State Department and intelligence community, it may well prove to be a purposeful failure. Thank you President Biden.

In since deleted tweets, Secretary of State Blinken’s first and second reaction to the unfolding atrocity was to huddle with our erstwhile NATO ally Turkey and call for Israeli forbearance and a ceasefire. Israel will exact a horrific toll on Hamas and American support should not be counted on. Our naval assets off Israel and Gaza are just as likely to restrain Israel as support them. Thank you President Biden.

Amongst the millions of invading illegal immigrants President Biden has invited are several hundred or more known terrorists, although their whereabouts are unknown (another perhaps willful intelligence failure). Under Iranian direction and control, they may well commit some horrific atrocity. Thank you President Biden.

We may also regret depleting our armories with a blank check to the notoriously corrupt Ukrainian oligarchy that enriched the Biden crime family, especially if XI decides to use chaos as cover in Taiwan. Thank you President Biden.

Hamas, Netanyahu and Biden (allegedly) were all “democratically” elected. Hillary Clinton has stated that Trump voters need to be re-educated and deprogrammed, tactics not associated with democracies, but with communist regimes. She and the Left undoubtedly feel the same way about Netanyahu’s supporters. Somehow, I am pretty sure that that belief does not apply to the Palestinians, Democratic Socialists of America and far-left Congressional squad members including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who are outspoken in their support of Hamas. Again, thank you, President Biden. May I have another?

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Thank You, Biden, for Placing the World on Tenterhooks
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