Much ado about asylum seekers


by Andy Egan

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Democratic Party controlled House and Senate pass taxpayer funding for abortion

by Pravda Gladio

For the first time in Maine, on May 16, Democrats controlling both the House and Senate in Augusta have passed taxpayer-supported abortion services under LD 820.

Many Mainers who objected to the use of taxpayer dollars for abortion attended the Committee Hearings in April and gave testimony.  Mainers testified that they did not want their tax dollars being used to fund abortion, which is an elective procedure 99% of the time.

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We need community journalism now more than ever

by Sarah Craighead Dedmon, Editor


I was chatting with a local businessman last month when he said, “So, how is the newspaper doing, you know, now that no one reads newspapers anymore?” The newspaper is doing pretty well, I said, in part because people actually do read community newspapers like ours.

That said, a recent Pew Research Study on the news habits of American adults found that 41 percent preferred to get their local news from television, 37 percent online, 13 percent in print, and 8 percent from the radio.

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Democrats to Legal Voters: Drop Dead


by Brian Lonergan


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The greatest constitutional crisis since the Civil War

by Conrad Black

The most immense and dangerous public scandal in American history is finally cracking open like a ripe pomegranate. The broad swath of the Trump-hating media that has participated in what has amounted to an unconstitutional attempt to overthrow the government are reduced to reporting the events and revelations of the scandal in which they have been complicit, in a po-faced ho-hum manner to impart to the misinformed public that this is as routine as stock market fluctuations or the burning of an American flag in Tehran.

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