Source: North American Electric Reliability Corporation Assessment

Kilowatt killers: Blame the climate cultists

by Jonathan Reisman

Five thoughts as summer blackouts loom:

  • Civilization is largely dependent on affordable and reliable energy;
  • Increasingly, we have neither;
  • The responsibility for that lies with the climate cultists and the Democratic Party, which is imposing their religion on America;
  • Their destructive policies to reduce carbon emissions and allegedly “save the planet” are doing neither, but they are enriching the solar, wind, and renewable power climate grifters, empowering progressive politicians while impoverishing the rest of America and turning us into a third-world country;
  • The push towards intermittent wind and solar, backed up by magic non-existent batteries, shunned nuclear or allegedly planet-killing evil fossil fuels, has led to increasingly expensive and now unreliable electricity.

The North American Electric Reliability Assessment suggests that large swaths of formerly First World North America are going to resemble third-world socialist hellholes like Venezuela and California and suffer civilization-disrupting electricity blackouts this summer. To paraphrase the Beach Boys, the climate cultists wish we could all be California’s grid. The only bright side is that expensive and unreliable electricity might stem the tide of illegal immigration, so there is the possibility that the Biden administration and border czar Kamala might possibly do something about it to make sure the migrant tide does not ebb, but I would not hold my breath.

Thanks to the climate cultists, customers of Central Maine Power and Versant (formerly Bangor Hydro) are paying almost $.30/kilowatt hour. The Democratic/Governor Mills appointed public advocate is pointing out that the reason for that pain is solar energy subsidy policies, which has infuriated the climatistas and solar crony capitalists who thought that liberally funding Maine Public (otherwise known as state media) would protect them from such truth-telling (which the legacy media term ”misinformation” and right-wing conspiracy theories). The public advocate may well be removed for his unforgivable climate apostasy, especially for voicing it publicly. Nothing a climate cultist hates more than an inconvenient truth.

As the great Margaret Thatcher said, the problem with socialism is that eventually, you run out of other people’s money. It certainly applies to climate alarmism as well, which explains why the left is so enamored of it. As a side sneer, almost 40 years ago, a leading campus feminist told me we needed more women leaders. When I pointed out that Britain had a female prime minister, she told me that Mrs. Thatcher had the “wrong” values. I suppose today it would be the wrong pronouns, but it did show me the real truth of identity politics- it is only leftist women and minorities that need apply.

The climatistas are pushing a referendum to further impoverish Mainers by mandating billions in debt (more other people’s money) to turn Central Maine Power and Versant into climatista subservient “public” power entities. The referendum’s dishonest leftist ringleaders often point to the lower rates of consumer-owned Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative. The principal reason EMEC has lower rates is that most of its electricity comes from Canadian nuclear power. I served as an EMEC Director when the co-op had to declare bankruptcy after environmentalists delayed and ruinously drove up the cost of Seabrook nuclear power. Canadian nuclear power from Point Lepreau costs about a nickel per kilowatt-hour. Seabrook is about five times more expensive at almost a quarter per kilowatt-hour. There is better, cheaper, safer, and carbon-free nuclear power technology available today, but the climatistas will not have it- it would mitigate the crisis they have worked so hard to create.

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