Bordering on the Absurd

by Jonathan Reisman

President Biden’s deliberate decision to open our southern border to some 8,10, or possibly 12 million illegal immigrants (excuse me, asylum seekers) and his failure to enforce our immigration laws is the best reason I can think of to impeach him and/or deny him re-election; although, his Iran appeasements, Afghanistan withdrawal/surrender, climate alarmism, family corruption, inflationary spending, and numerous various associated incompetencies, lies, mismanagement, and treasonous malignity are all (un)worthy competing high crimes and misdemeanors.  All the while, Joe has insisted that the real threat to Democracy is white supremacy, systemic racism, and MAGA Republicans. The fact that millions of non-white asylum seekers chose to deal with criminal cartels, human and sex traffickers, and rapists in order to cross the border into our white supremacist and systemically racist country is never mentioned.  As Elizabeth Nickson, one of my favorite substack authors writes, we are living in Absurdistan.

Here in Maine, Governor Mills wants to welcome 75,000 asylum seekers over the next five years with taxpayer-provided room, board, and healthcare amidst a housing shortage, while thousands of Mainers, including veterans who volunteered to serve our country as opposed to illegally invading it, are homeless and damaged by fentanyl pouring across the southern border that Joe deliberately opened. Absurdistan indeed.

Efforts to build more affordable housing have been hampered by climate alarmist regulations and schemes that have added tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars to construction and operating costs. Meanwhile, our education policies have promoted gender and grievance studies and diversity, equity, and inclusion over construction and trade training. We need more plumbers, electricians, and engineers, not diversity consultants and grievance grifters who only build resentment as opposed to shelter and community. Welcome to Absurdistan.

More than a century after the ratification of the 19th Amendment gave women the vote, the League of Women Voters promotes progressive policies to do an end run around the Constitutional Amendment process and abolish the electoral college with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact while claiming it will not abolish the Electoral College or require Congressional consent as the Compact Clause in the Constitution clearly requires of interstate compacts. In the spirit of Absurdistan residency, I have resisted the impulse to ask the League what their definition of “women” is or if they have a position on the use of rape and sexual assault as a weapon of war by Hamas against Jewish women (and men) oppressor colonialists. I am sure they are too busy promoting DEI, ranked choice voting, abortion on demand until birth, gender affirming surgery, and the evisceration of the 1st and 2nd Amendments to worry about such things.

It is an election year and nearly a decade into the Trump Derangement Syndrome pandemic. Whatever protections a free, truthful, and unbiased press might have offered have long since evaporated into a miasma of legacy media propaganda. Any narratives promoted by the New York Times and Washington Post should be regarded as mis- and disinformation. In Joe Biden’s Absurdistan, the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees our open border (and declares it “secure”), has a Ministry of Truth to regulate mis-and disinformation damages.

The election 164 years ago propelled the country into civil war after the incompetent administration of our 15th President, James Buchanan, exacerbated and stoked division while trying to pretend that things were just fine. Our 46th President shares the 15th’s initials and divisive and incompetent legacy. The Biden administration borders on the theatre of the absurd.

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