All a Twitter

by Jonathan Reisman

“Something is rotten in the State of Denmark”- Marcellus in Hamlet, Act I, Scene IV, William Shakespeare

In Hamlet, the quote refers to and foreshadows political, moral, and physical corruption and decay, revealed when Hamlet spies and pursues his murdered father’s ghost. It has been evident for some time that the same corruption problem plagues the United States, although the legacy media and our corrupted leftist institutions have done their best to hide, obfuscate, and/or gaslight the stink. The latest evidence comes from the Twitter files, released at the command of Elon Musk via leftist but honest journalists Matt Taibbi (probably now canceled by Rolling Stone), Bari Weiss (canceled by The New York Times), and Michael Shellenberger (canceled by the climate alarmist environmental left, starting with Grist). I know; I thought honest leftist was an oxymoron too.

The FBI and the Intelligence community engaged in systematic misinformation, disinformation, censorship and election interference dating back to at least 2015 (and probably since the Cold War or before when you delve into it). The FBI pressured Twitter (and likely all of Big Tech) to suppress information, and opinion deemed deleterious to the Democrats, progressives, Fauci, the public health masks, uber alles semi--fascists and the Biden crime family. In a textbook example of projection, the deep state and progressive operatives turn out to be guilty of every version of Democracy destruction they have been accusing Donald Trump and Republicans of. Something is very rotten in the state of wokeness, and my cynical suspicions fall upon Barack and Michele Obama, Susan Rice, James Clapper, John Brennan, and Jill Biden. The head of the Biden crime family is only a specter of his former self, but the evil meanness can still be recognized if you watch and listen carefully and parse through the dementia and pharmaceutical fog. 

Of course, the legacy media has done their best to ignore and spin the Twitter files, but it’s leaking out, and the lies from Big Tech, the FBI and the Intelligence community, the woke mob, the CDC, the public health authoritarians and the Biden crime family are coming out. At some point, even the Pravdas on the Penobscot (BDN) and Presumpscot (PPH) will probably have to do some (dis)honest reporting on the matter, although I doubt MSNBC and National Public Radio will join them anytime soon. So, something is rotten, and the stench is getting too obvious and obnoxious to ignore. What is to be done?

  • Congressional Oversight Hearings. The Republican majority in the House should delve into it, but they should resist the Democratic Jan 6 precedent and allow the Democrats to name their own woke apologists to the committee and let them obfuscate and hopefully hang themselves.
  • On the Senate side, the Democratic majority will see, hear and speak no evil, but Senator Angus King sits on the Intelligence Committee and is apparently running for re-election as an incumbent sentient member of the gerontocracy. In the unlikely event that Angus ventures out amongst the unwashed peasantry, he should be asked what, if anything, he knew about the FBI’s behavior and its current mission as the Democrat Party Stasi. I have my doubts that Angus will venture too far into rural Maine after voting to confirm a tree-spiking apologist to head the Bureau of Land Management and giving the National Park Service and the environmental left a seat at the planning and land management table in Washington and Hancock counties, but hubris should not be underestimated.
  • The FBI should be dismantled and replaced with a new federal police agency, new leadership, and an unwoke mission. It is not happening with a Democratic Senate and the Biden crime family still in power and needing protection, but it should be a national election issue in 2024. The GOP House should pass such legislation in 2023. I will not be supporting any federal Republican candidate who fails to make the stench from our federal secret police a major issue.
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