Stone lobster created during family reunion visit to Jasper Beach

Seen from the sky, the Gilman family’s rock lobster art project stands out on the grey stones of Jasper Beach in Bucks Harbor, Machiasport. Videos courtesy Henry S. Gilman


The build video can be viewed here


by Sarah Craighead Dedmon

This month, anyone climbing the stones of Jasper Beach will first catch sight of the wide Atlantic, then, below them, a lobster — a 25-foot lobster framed by white stones, to be exact. The temporary artwork is drawing appreciation from the locals, from across the internet and from the many visitors who travel to Bucks Harbor to see Jasper Beach each year.

As it turns out, some of those visitors created the piece during a family reunion outing. Since 1987, the Gilman family has convened in Mount Vernon each year, and they always try something new together.

“From hiking Katahdin to fishing tournaments, to clamming. This year we came to Jasper Beach,” said Henry Gilman. “Only two of us had ever been here before, although our late father taught at Lubec High School in the 50s and this area still has meaning.”

Gilman’s parents had 10 children, and today their family has grown to 44 including spouses and children who travel to be together from Maine, New Hampshire, South Carolina, North Carolina, Minnesota, Delaware, West Virginia, and even Albania.  Next year their family will grow to 45. 

Eighteen Gilman nieces, nephews, aunts, and uncles created the giant stone lobster, and even with that many hands, the process took several hours. Gilman created a time-lapse video of their work.

Even after all that effort, the Gilman family knows this artwork is only temporary.

“We’re happy people are enjoying it for now but fully expect it to be destroyed one way or another,” said Gilman. “Everyone enjoyed it and we’re looking for other ideas for 2023.


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