Open border and expensive energy are Brandon policy choices

“That’s Hilarious”- Brandon Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, in response to query as to Brandon administration plans to reduce price of gasoline and energy, following a Vice-Presidential Harris like cackle.

“That’s a garbage report”- President Brandon lying about reported planned $450,000 “settlements” with illegal immigrants as part of open border diversity, equity and inclusion incentives 

During the Carter years of stagflation, energy crises, gas lines and malaise, I was an undergraduate at Colby with a double major in economics and environmental studies. I wrote a paper suggesting that environmentalists had a policy and political problem- they wanted to raise the price of energy, but did not want to be blamed for it and most especially did not want to be associated with the perceived anti-American and economy crushing behavior of OPEC. My economics professors told me that I needed to cite some evidence to back up my thesis. My environmental studies professors told me I was flat wrong and had been “poisoned” by my unhealthy focus on economics. The reaction did at least make it easier to decide to pursue graduate studies in economics as opposed to environmental religion.

Nothing has happened to change my conviction over the last 40 plus years.  Replace “environmentalists” with “climate alarmists” and “Democrats”, and there is a consistent and persistent record of pursuing policies to raise the price of energy while avoiding as much accountability for such policies as possible, Thus we have “Renewable Portfolio Standards'' requiring a  certain percentage of “renewable” meaning more expensive) energy without any actual acknowledgement of the inevitable cost consequences. We have proposed carbon taxes promising full consumer rebates, with a redistributive “environmental justice” bounty on top. Believing that progressives are going to send back trillions of carbon  tax dollars to the deplorables they despise only makes sense if you actually believe the Brandon Build Back Batter Plan really has a zero cost and more than pays for itself.

The price of gasoline and heating oil has increased some 50% since President Brandon took office, and is headed to $4/gallon this winter. It is not an accident or misfortune- it is deliberate. President Brandon has taken and is pursuing additional executive actions to shut down domestic pipelines and curtail domestic fossil fuel energy production, actions which have directly and predictably raised the price of energy. Those energy price increases have been and continue to be the desire of the environmental left, the climate alarmists and the Democratic Party, especially if they can gas light and lie their way around being accountable for it. As an added seditious bonus, raising the price of energy benefits Russia and Iran and damages the systemically racist US. So of course, Secretary Granholm laughs and changes the subject. The last thing she wants to do is admit they are doing it on purpose. 

The open southern border is another Brandon administration policy that is obviously a deliberate consequence of malfeasance as opposed to incompetence or misfortune. President Obama promised/threatened to “fundamentally transform '' America, and President Brandon is doing his best to accomplish that by erasing the southern border and importing in as many potential Democratic voters as possible. 2 Million this year, and maybe 3 million before next year’s midterms should create enough of a political and demographic time bomb, especially if they are released in the middle of the night in red states like Florida. The Brandon administration has stopped enforcing the existing immigration laws because they deter some illegal immigration, while at the same time colluding with the ACLU and the left to create additional incentives to come to America and receive all manner of benefits.

President Brandon and the progressives may be successful in using their razor thin House majority and cackling Kamala in the 50-50 (48 Dems, a socialist and Angus) to transform America. There will be a hellacious price to pay in freedom, blood and treasure. Jared Golden and Maine’s second Congressional District are on the front lines.

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